Oct,,en,Taxi Holl offers innovative transport concept for the reinsurer Congress in Baden-Baden on,,de,October,,en,For this year's reinsurers Congress in Baden-Baden Taxi Holl offers a new taxi and shuttle service for guests and visitors to the reinsurer Congress in Baden-Baden,,de,About the site,,de,recently bestehht possible online directly his taxi or shuttle from the airport to book at an advantageous price and pay directly via Paypal,,de,In addition, taxi-Holl, this year for the first time a ride-share service,,de,in which several passengers share a vehicle and thus the cost of the transfer,,de,This service offers taxi Holl want the important trade fair,,de 17 2017

We ask our customers to apologize,,de,Due to a power interruption we use the Internet connection in the,,de,Deutsche Telekom,,de,came there on Friday,,de,of about,,de,PM to massive disabilities in our disposition,,de,All of our customers,,de,have been hampered by,,de,We hereby ask your pardon,,de,Despite the latest technology and professionally trained employees,,de,Unfortunately we have no influence on the performance of third parties,,de,Thank you for your understanding,,de,The management of taxi Holl,,de,www.taxi-holl.de/wir-bitten-unsere-kunden-um-entschuldigung,,de,Internet connection error,,de!

Auf Grund einer Leistungsunterbrechung des von uns genutzten Internet-Anschlusses bei der Deutschen Telekom, kam es am Freitag, the 13. October 2017 von ca. 12:00 to 14:30 Uhr zu massiven Behinderungen in unserer Disposition. Alle unsere Kunden, die dadurch beeinträchtigt wurden, bitten wir hiermit vielmals um Entschuldigung.

Trotz modernster Technik und professionell geschulter Mitarbeiter, haben wir leider keinen Einfluss auf die Leistungen Dritter.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Verständnis – Die Geschäftsleitung von Taxi-Holl

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