Your taxi in Weisenbach – (07224) 19 410

Getting a taxi in Weisenbach is not so difficult. Simply use the taxi booking (07224) 19410 Holl and your taxi by taxi will pick you up in Weisenbach and environment. Whether wheelchair taxi, Large taxi or minibus, it is for every citizen always the right way Bacher taxi available. Taxi Holl keeps you mobile and expects to ambulance runs, Patients or handicapped transportation trips directly with the insurance from responsible. Taxi Holl – the partner for you in Weisenbach.

Place of business address

Taxi Holl Gernsbach
Baccaratstr. 13
76593 Gernsbach
Phone: (07224) 35 95
Phone: (07224) 19 410
Fax: (07225) 9645-45

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