Jan 21 2015

Taxi Bestellapp of taxi Holl now available in iTunes and play Goole

Mit der Taxi-Holl Smartphone App kann bequem ein Taxi bestellt oder ein Fahrpreis kalkuliert werden

With the taxi-Holl smartphone app can easily order a taxi or a fare will be calculated

From now on, in Baden-Baden, Gaggenau, Gernsbach, A taxi to be ordered Muggensturm and Rastatt via the Internet and a smartphone application. Price information are also included in the new Customer Service Taxi Holl App.

The operation is quite simple: Owner of a smart- iPhone or load from the corresponding free application stores the "taxi-Holl" down.

Then you start the taxi by pressing a button on the button. The now capitalized software locates the current location of the customer, while showing all available taxis in the vicinity of. Order now for immediate enough, another push of a button. A software running in the background, the request is forwarded to a fully automated vehicle of taxi Holl. "The customer on the phone's display monitor closely based on an animated street map, which taxi is on the way to his pickup address.

Order right now online: http://www.taxi-holl.de/app/

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