Engagement- and exemption under the minimum wage law (MiLoG)

Since the introduction of the minimum wage law (MiLoG) to 1. January 2015 are committed to customer, ensure at their contractors, that they comply with the legal provisions of the Minimum Wage Act. Otherwise, they can be taken for optional violations of minimum wage law claim.

§ 13 MiLoG – Liability of the Customer

§ 14 Posted Workers Act shall apply mutatis mutandis

§ 14 AEntG – Liability of the Customer

An entrepreneur, of another trader with the performance of work- commissioned or services, liable for the obligations of this operator, a subcontractor or a lender designated by the contractor or a subcontractor to pay the minimum wage to workers or workers or to pay contributions to a joint institution of the collective bargaining parties in accordance with § 8 as a guarantor, who has renounced the Commission to have recourse. The minimum pay within the meaning of the sentence 1 includes only the amount, which is after the deduction of taxes and social security contributions and employment promotion or equivalent expenditure on social security to pay workers or workers (Nettoentgelt).

For this reason, confirms the taxi-Holl Holl Edeltraud e.Kfr. Them as follows:

Engagement- Copyright Declaration


With the entry into force of the minimum wage law (MiLoG) from 1. January 2015 the client is stopped, ensure at his contractors, that they comply with the legal provisions of the Milog. Otherwise, they can be taken for optional violations in claim Milog.

For this reason, Holl AG hereby declares the following:

1. Obligations Milog

Holl AG hereby declares, all provisions of the Minimum Wage Act, in particular the minimum wage and the amount and payment of social security contributions and taxes, comply.

2. Confirmation

at the request of the Holl AG brings with presentation of documentary evidence of compliance with the applicable legal provisions provide, certify, for example, by a safety, an excerpt from the Central Trade Register or a consultation of their tax consultant.

3. Passing on orders to third parties

The Holl AG presents by the Undertakings safely declaration, that compliance by third parties they used the provisions of the Minimum Wage Act.

4. Recourse and compensation

The Holl AG provides the customer from any third party claims against the client free, arising from the fact, that Holl AG or a subcontractor used by that of the provisions of the minimum wage law violates.

5. Others

The Holl AG waived the written acceptance of this contract by the contracting authority. Amendments to this contract must be made in writing. Oral side agreements have been made. The jurisdiction is Gaggenau. This contract is in its scope primarily to all contracts between Holl AG and the contractor.

If any provision of this Agreement is or becomes invalid or void, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. In such a case, the invalid or void provision is rather to be interpreted as, be interpreted or replace, that the intended commercial purpose, extent permitted by law, is achieved.

Gaggenau, the 20. January 2019


Dirk Holl (Vorstand)

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