suspended Taxizentrale of Internet

Data connection between Taxizentrale and vehicles because of a problem of Deutsche Telekom AG for 3 interrupted hours

Baden-Baden, Rastatt, Gaggenau - a total failure of the data link between the taxi company and the vehicles in use experienced on Tuesday (28.06.2016) the taxi company Holl. Due to a disturbance at Deutsche Telekom AG of important for communication CompanyConnect port fell by ca. 16:00 bis ca. 19:00 Watch three hours out.

Although all systems are redundant and have the vehicles via two sim cards – to avoid failures in the mobile operators – has now shown that the Internet connection of the Telekom as Achilles heel. The disruption in the telecom seems to have been so massive, that a short-term switch to a bypass line has not been possible.

So it was, that the vehicles had to be delegated by mobile phone and therefore it has been some delays in order processing. Also, the call-line taxi Murgtal in was operated in emergency mode. That is, the vehicles drove to the Train schedules all stops from, so that no passenger has been forgotten. Inappropriate this were the ambulance runs, where a time delay can be medically threatening quite.

"We now have with Telekom sit at a table to seek solutions for the future", so Dirk Holl, General Manager and responsible for the technology for this grueling day. "A 20:02 PM has informed us the Telekom on the definitive elimination of a major failure. Now must be found an additional backup!“, Dirk Holl further.

Currently, the situation has returned to normal and the company owner, Mrs. Holl Edeltraud, asks all passengers to apologize and to understand the issues of the day.

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