Taxi-Holl Headquarters / radio center

The taxi cab company headquarters Holl is at the heart of every taxi company. An 24 Hours of 365 Days to reach the taxi company taxi call center Holl in Gaggenau. Here are the taxi orders collected and distributed to the individual taxes. It uses the most modern taxi company Taxi Holl on mediation software for your vehicles to plan accordingly and keep the waiting time for a taxi to the customer as short as possible. The taxi cab company headquarters Holl has long been the trendsetter in the taxi market and would like to take this leadership also continue to lay claim, evidenced by the introduction of the taxi companies of switching technology Austrosoft and FMS data radio again succeeded. Taxi Holl ... we move.

Address for visitors

Taxi-Holl Headquarters
August-Schneider-Str. 26
76571 Gaggenau
Phone: (07225) 9645-0
Fax: (07225) 9645-45

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