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Was ist Taxicard?

Taxi Card is a debit card, which enables, Taxi fares to pay cash. There are two types of payment: Prepaid or by invoice.

Where can I buy the Taxicard?

The simplest of our Website, by phone 07225 / 9645-0 or in the Taxi Taxi from Central Holl in the August-Schneider-Strasse 26 in Gaggenau.

Where can I use the Taxicard everywhere?

In all the taxis from taxi-Holl in Baden-Baden, Rastatt, Muggensturm, Gernsbach and Gaggenau. All vehicles are marked with a special adhesive Taxicard.

What happens, if I lose my card?

Sie melden sich schnellstmöglich bei Taxi-Holl und geben die Kartennummer an. Your Taxicard will be locked. If you do not know your card number, but the card is registered in your name, You will receive immediate compensation.

Can I recharge my prepaid card again?

And, on Website You can recharge the card again.

Where can I check the remaining balance of my prepaid card?

With the cab driver, the remaining balance can be seen. You can also call us and tell the card number, to learn the amount of any remaining funds.

What happens, if the remaining credit is low as a taxi ride?

Then you can pay extra to the balance bar.

How much does the Taxicard?

The prepaid taxi card is free.

How long is my card valid taxi?

Your Taxicard is not valid restriction.

What should I do, if my card does not work?

Send your card taxi Holl with a short note, what's the problem. We will deal with the matter immediately and if necessary send you a replacement card.

Is there a limit per trip / Transaction?

With the prepaid taxi cards there is no limit

Do I need a PIN code for the map?

No, You do not need a code.

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