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Terms and Conditions for cashless payment by taxi cab card

These terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions) apply to all of Metropolis GmbH and taxi-Holl, and your connection partners (hereinafter called "taxi company") issued debit cards. Different terms of the customers are not. They shall also not apply, if the taxi company does not explicitly contradict. Verbal agreements do not exist.

§ 1. Once approved the card application by the taxi company or. payment thereof in the case of prepaid cards, the customer receives a personal customer card. Card applications may be refused without giving reasons.

§ 2. By Order of the customer card, the customer agrees, read the present Terms and Conditions, understood and accepted to have.

§ 3. The card entitles the customer, all issuing companies trying to cash driving a taxi. The composite of the current acceptance locations is shown on

§ 4. The customer card remains the property of a taxi company. The customer is responsible for the proper- and makes proper use of his card. In case of loss, Damage or misuse of debit cards, he alone is responsible.

§ 5. The monthly billing by postal delivery (except for prepaid cards). The customer agrees to, the bills to be paid on time. In case of default, the taxi company authorized, the published(n) Map(n) to block.

§ 6. The customer reviews the invoices immediately upon receipt and shall inform the taxi center striking inconsistencies promptly orally and no later than 14 Days from statement date. Otherwise, statements will be approved by the Client.

§ 7. Regardless of promotions of a taxi company gets in the cost allocation of the official legal taxi fare each municipality to use.

§ 8. The taxi company can credit the customer's account at any time with immediate effect. Similarly, the customer can dispense with the continuation of the account. This supersedes all issued debit cards are valid and are of a taxi company to return immediately.

§ 9. The Issuer reserves the right to change the terms at any time prior.

§ 10. The contractual relationship under these Conditions is subject to German law, Jurisdiction is the headquarters of a taxi company.

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