Cashless taxi with the taxi card

Whether in Baden-Baden, Or at Rastatt Baden-Airport, Taxi ride without cash is with Taxicard of taxi Holl the optimal solution. The card is übertragbar (unpersönlich) and can be repeatedly used throughout Europe for all partners. From the MAP value after each payment of the appropriate fare is deducted or. created a monthly bill.

Basically there are two types of taxi Cards. Einmal die Taxicard Prepaid, that is charged with a balance and this can be followed in accordance with, and the Taxicard DRIVING CHECK, when done rides on monthly bill.


Taxicard Prepaid


Taxicard PREPAID – The great gift idea

The Taxi Card PREPAID also comes as a gift to good. Überraschen your loved one with a card and give you taxi cab rides. Them the same comfort kits Publications Order Online.



Taxi - Voucher


Taxicard FAHRSCHECK – The one card on an invoice basis

The once Taxicard is printed on cardboard and has a magnetic strip on the billing information is stored. The invoicing is done at end of month.



If you have any further questions, Do not hesitate to ask, to contact us. We are always happy to grouting.

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Taxicard Fahrscheck

The Taxi Card Check Driving is a single card and replaced the old taxi-driving checks of taxi Holl. The Taxi Card Check Driving brings the transparency in your accounting. Depending on your created taxi Holl the Taxicard driving checks grouped by cost center or at the store level. The Taxi Card Check Driving is the voucher, of your guest down the right at your expense Taxi. You can …


New Prepaid taxi order

You want a taxi Prepaid taxi from Holl away as a gift voucher or use as a credit card itself? Then you order now your Taxicard. Simply fill in the following order, The taxi card is sent to you via mail with invoice. The process usually takes 1-3 Working days. Of course you can also in the taxi center of taxi-Holl …


Charging a prepaid taxi card">Charging a prepaid taxi card

You already have a cab card and want to charge simple and easy? Then fill in the following order and order form in the next 1-2 Working days is charged to card them accordingly.   * Name * Street HNr. * PLZ Ort * E-mail address * Card number (30855…) * Recharge amount in € Note Script by Dagon Design


FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions">FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Was ist Taxicard? Taxi Card is a debit card, which enables, Taxi fares to pay cash. There are two types of payment: Prepaid or by invoice. Where can I buy the Taxicard? The easiest way to our website, by phone 07225 / 9645-0 or in the taxi center of taxi Holl in the August-Schneider-Strasse 26 in Gaggenau. Where can I …


Terms and Conditions for cashless payment by taxi cab card">Terms and Conditions for cashless payment by taxi cab card

These terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions) apply to all of Metropolis GmbH and taxi-Holl, and your connection partners (hereinafter called "taxi company") issued debit cards. Different terms of the customers are not. They shall also not apply, if the taxi company does not explicitly contradict. Verbal agreements do not exist. § 1. Once approved the card application by the taxi company or. the payment …