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Transport for severely disabled people

Thus, people with severe disabilities to participate in the community life may please the city of Baden-Baden and Rastatt district in a voluntary capacity at a car service.

This service aims to drive disabled, to facilitate the affected people to contact their fellow citizens and to Erledingungen of errands of daily life (e.g.. Banks, Authorities Visits, Shopping centers, etc.) to ermöblichen. Also for leisure and personal contacts Tung frame to serve this dispatcher.

This applies to the individual regions, the following rules:


The competition is severely disabled persons, because of the severity and nature of their disability or use public transport is not only inadequate or. stand for no public transport available.

  • People with exceptional mobility problems, where the Wish characters “AG” was granted in the severely handicapped.
  • Blind people, where the Wish characters “Bl” was granted in the severely handicapped.
  • People with disability to a patient care- / Facilities for disabled people in the urban district of Baden-Baden and used to live before recording in the county of Baden-Baden have.

The application for an authorization certificate and additional information can be found on the website of the city of Baden-Baden under

It can average monthly 6 Trips (Down- Round Trip = 1 Ride) be conducted in the city district of Baden-Baden and Rastatt in the rural district. The selection of the carrier responsible for the claimant. He is then bound for a period of one month to the service of the selected transport company.

Unless you have opted for taxi-Holl, what we would be very happy, give you the permission slip – for the first ride – Next to the taxi-driver-Holl. Taxi Holl credited directly to the city of Baden-Baden on the basis of a contract concluded from, so that you only have one Own contribution of € 3,-, independently from the driving route, pay to have. Their contribution is paid for a round- Round Trip. Whether a co-payment must be provided at all, is on the permission slip for the car service with a note “with or. without share capital” noted. For children raised in general not a proper proportion.


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