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Follow the minimum wage: Taxi-Holl joins a taxi call center in Großostheim

To 1. January 2015 had to taxi Holl include its own attendant in Gaggenau, the cost increase, caused by the minimum wage, to partially compensate. A total of six jobs in administration are affected. In the future, the calls are answered by a special taxi service center in the Bavarian Großostheim.


switchboard. Where once simultaneously assumed phone orders up to three dispatchers, today there is Empty.

Orphaned Switchboard. Where once simultaneously assumed phone orders up to three dispatchers, today there is Empty.

Gaggenau / Großostheim – In the post by Sylvester on New Year's last orders were adopted in their own taxi center of taxi Holl in Gaggenau. Since that time, the orders are accepted and telephonically by Metropolis Service GmbH in the Bavarian Großostheim.

This was due to the introduction of the national minimum wage for 01. January 2015, asks the taxi industry is facing major problems with the implementation.

"We have from January wage increases of 30% compensate and since each euro was inverted twice to find savings ", so Dirk Holl, General Manager and responsible for the commercial orientation. "It hit our final disposition, with their 6 Jobs, because we still need a per vehicle driver and rely on these ", Dirk Holl further.

In December 2014 we then went on a search for solutions and found this in the Metropolis Service GmbH in Großostheim. The seated between Frankfurt and Aschaffenburg company specializes in the provision of services for taxi companies and has one of the most modern taxi call center in Germany.

"It is very important to us, that customers notice any difference, if you call in the Bavarian Großostheim received ", so Sebastian Holl, General Manager and responsible for the disposition. "We would like, that the customer receives the same service as if he would call in our old taxi office in Gaggenau ", so Sebastian Holl further.

In Gaggenau are in the last year 267.705 Phone calls from taxi Holl from Baden-Baden, Rastatt, Gaggenau, Gernsbach, Received Muggensturm and Inge's passenger transport from Rastatt. A small part of the customer ordered it with the smartphone app or by with our own smartphone app "Taxi-Holl", which is available in various webstores to download.

A considerable proportion relates in the call-taxi lines in the Murg Valley (short ALT). "Select ALT- Customers specially configured phone number (07225) 96 45 60 directly, so, a trained for the ALT employees answer the call "mentioned Benjamin Schmidt, Managing Director of Metropolis GmbH. His team is looking forward to the new challenge. For local customers, nothing changes and so taxi Holl also remains open seven days a week available around the clock on all known phone numbers.


About the Metropolis Service GmbH:

The Metropolis Service GmbH has been providing 2010 Call-Center- and services for Taxi- and rental car companies, relying on the switching technology the European market leader Austrosoft / FMS. In addition allows CEO Benjamin Schmidt in a joint project with the Bavarian Ministry of Social Affairs disabled people reintegrate into the labor market.


About the Group Taxi Holl:

The Taxi-Holl Holl has Edeltraud 40 Years in the transport of persons employed. Since 2009 Taxi Holl is also in Baden-Baden with its own branch with five vehicles and ten employees at the telephone number (07221) 55 5 55 represent.

The company is managed by the owner Edeltraud Holl in the second generation, together with their two sons, Dirk and Sebastian Holl. With a current 31 Vehicles and over 80 Employees is the largest taxi-cab Holl- and car rental companies in the district of Rastatt. With the brands taxi Holl, Inge's passenger transport, Murgtal Autoruf, Finest limousine service and taxi Schuon with branches in Baden-Baden, Gaggenau, Gernsbach, Muggensturm and Rastatt, the group offers "taxi-Holl" to its customers in terms of passenger transport and courier services throughout the year a full-service around the clock. More information is available on the Internet:, and


Contact: Dirk Holl, Phone: (07225) 9645-17, E-Mail: Dirk.Holl @ Taxi
Company address:
Taxi-Holl Edeltraud Holl e. Kfr.
Owner: Mrs. Holl Edeltraud
August-Schneider-Str. 26, 76571 Gaggenau
Phone: +49 (7225) 9645-0
Fax: +49 (7225) 9645-45

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