New computer algorithm to make taxi teaching effective

save 60 tonnes CO2 sought

Vienna, Baden-Baden, Gaggenau - To the 1. January 2019 the minimum wage increased for the taxi industry to 4% on 9,19 € per hour. What alone Based in the heart of Baden-Baden and Rastatt district transport company Holl AG an annual wage increase of 100.000,- has € result.

"After rejecting applications for adjustment of taxi fares from the Competent licensing authorities in Baden-Baden and Rastatt, it said saving and efficiency to rise ", Dirk Holl Board of Holl AG, which is known among other things with the brand taxi Holl in the region.

Thus, the foundation has already been the introduction of a taxi app down and this expanded to include the possibility of a purchase option for the call-line Taxi and Ruftaxi. Current order more than 10% the passengers their taxi about this taxi Holl app and the call-line taxi the rate is already at almost 20%. What partly compensated in return, the cost increases in the telephone call center.

But the automatic telephone order taking, when a regular customer by simply pressing the button 1 on his landline phone a taxi gets, is becoming more popular.

Of course this is not enough to 100.000,- compensate € per year in personnel costs and so the Holl AG set with the Austrian software developer FMS / Austrosoft from Vienna together, to develop a new switching algorithm for driving service, whose top priority was to, to avoid empty runs, thereby increasing the efficiency of the vehicles inserts.

So the next free vehicle is not simply sent to the client today. But it is determined whether perhaps an occupied taxi turn in that direction or in the future, a vehicle will travel in that direction. is also noted, must return to which location the taxi again, what's in the Holl AG with branches in Baden-Baden, Buhl, Gaggenau, Gernsbach, Muggensturm and the future is very meaningful in Karlsruhe.

New Year's Eve was the acid test

New Year's Eve Holl AG was the same for their two fleets, Taxi Holl and Inge's passenger transport, the new algorithm. Thus were 40 Vehicles fully automatically developed in Vienna software FMS / Austrosoft mediated. Here were able to 800 Orders are executed, representing an increase in efficiency of approximately. 13% corresponds to.

"Of course it was a challenge that night equal to use a new system", so Dirk Holl. "Customers were always surprised, if you could tell them, that, for example in 28 Minutes will be your taxi with you. Provided that there were no unplanned complications, the times were always adhered to "a delighted Dirk Holl. "Just in one night, in which almost the entire fleet is busy and we already 95% were sold with pre-orders, it was very interesting, as the new switching system tried, as efficiently as possible to dispose the vehicles. "Note Sebastian Holl at, directs the disposition in this Silvesternacht.

"For me that was the most relaxing New Year's Eve my taxi-life", so Sebastian Holl further. "I just sat there and looked at whether everything worked and also had to intervene only in case of problems or answer questions on the used mobile worker '.

Dirk Holl, who had himself taken off the phone in this New Year's Eve, nodding approvingly.

Savings of ca. 60 tonnes CO2

Currently, Holl AG expects, that by saving on unnecessary empty runs the company ca. 350.000 can save km per year. The money saved from 60 Tonnes in CO2 should it only by the FMS / be achieved Austrosft developed algorithm.

In addition, the Holl AG is already on alternative drives and currently has three full electric vehicles, including a new London Taxi from LEVC, Typ TXe.

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