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Approval of ambulance runs through the health insurance

Whether the prescribed medical transport is generally paid for by a statutory health insurance depends on many factors.

So there are cases such as transportation to fully- or semi-stationary or. before- nachstationären or hospital treatment, ambulante Operationen, Occupational injuries or illnesses that require pre-authorization is not required and the cost, except for the copayment, be taken.

In contrast to an outpatient treatment journeys take over the insurance companies only in exceptional cases and with prior approval.

Following the decision of the Federal Joint Committee, the health insurance companies travel expenses for outpatient treatment can continue to play:

=> Cancer Patients, who need to get to radiotherapy or chemotherapy,

=> Dialysis patients,

=> Patients, who are unable to walk unusually loud the severely handicapped (AG), blind (Bl) or are particularly in need of help (H),

=> Patients, care insurance benefits for care level II or III are.

In addition, doctors may in diseases, by the above exemptions are not covered, but are of comparable severity, a travel reimbursement prescribe.

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