Your taxi in Gernsbach – (07224) 19 410

With the arrival of the taxi at the station Nehmes Holl Gernsbach, began in December 2001 the first expansion of the taxi company Holl in passenger transport. Meanwhile, taxi Holl its registered office in the Baccaratstr. 13 Gernsbach but misplaced the taxes for the area Gernsbach are still at the taxi stand at the station ready Gernsbach. From there out under the uniform national taxi booking Gernsbach 19 410 the whole southern Murgtal served to Forbach. The taxi office is accessible from Gernsbach from around the clock, seven days a week and offer a complete portfolio of the taxi cab company Holl. Whether limousine taxi, Combined Taxi, Large Taxi, Bustaxi, Wheelchair taxi or taxi patients - Holl in taxi Gernsbach keeps the citizens of Gernsbach mobile.

Place of business address

Taxi Holl Gernsbach
Baccaratstr. 13
76593 Gernsbach
Phone: (07224) 35 95
Phone: (07224) 19 410
Fax: (07225) 9645-45

Taxi ranks in Gernsbach

Taxi rank Gernsbach station - Station Square 1, 76593 Gernsbach

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