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Mercedes E-Class Estate

Even the cab of the Year 2011, the T-model Mercedes-Benz, comes in the fleet of taxi Holl used and represents its large cargo capacity available to vacationers and tourists. What else can be distributed on luggage must fit into two taxis on the combination of taxi cab Holl. And on the folding bench seat in the cargo area can also save time instead of luggage, a large family, the second taxi. As it offers space for two children with a maximum size of 1,50 Meters and a maximum weight of 50 Your Child kg.

CO2 140 g/km
Capacity 4 Passengers, 2 Children (bis max. 50 kg and up to a size of 1,50 m) or 5 Case and 5 Carry-on baggage

Press release: Taxi Holl invests in new fleet


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