Fiskaltaxameter offset taxi industry in turmoil

Gegen das "Vergessen", der neue Fiskaltaxameter Microtax-06 der Firma HALE electronic aus Salzburg, der jede Fahrt einzeln speichert.

Gegen das “Vergessen”, der neue Fiskaltaxameter Microtax-06 der Firma HALE electronic aus Salzburg, der jede Fahrt einzeln speichert.

Still, many taxi do- and rental car companies hard in implementing GoBD in your company.

Baden-Baden, Rastatt, Gaggenau – One of the first taxi company in Baden-Württemberg taxi Holl has its entire fleet equipped with modern Fiskaltaxametern. While elsewhere the colleagues from taxi- and car rental commercial nor about the purpose of the issued by the Federal Ministry of Finance GoBD (Principles to ensure the due maintenance and preservation of books, Records and documents in electronic form, as well as for data access) debate, won the Baden transport company Taxi Holl “made nails with heads” and upgraded its fleet accordingly.

“The tax authorities make some time pressure on the commercial”, so Dirk Holl, Authorized officer of the parent company Taxi Holl. He does not understand, whereupon its commercial colleagues waiting. “So even bans, from 31. October 2016, the European Measuring Instruments Directive installing the older taximeter (Editor's note: Taximeter in taxis and odometer in Car) in new vehicles. And from 1. January 2017 is the grace period of the BMF (Editor's note: Decree of the Federal Ministry of Finance dated 26. November 2010, Subject: Storage of digital documents the case of cash) eh past, then the equipment must no longer be used.” Dirk Holl further.

News gets the whole issue even more explosive, after the Finance Ministry with a “Draft law to protect against manipulation of digital basic records” am 18. März 2016 went to the hearing. In this proposal, although the rules for POS systems such as in the retail and catering are primarily treated, but is still unclear, if a meter is to be regarded as such a POS system. Also one of the industry associations, the German Taxi- and Car Rental Association BZP, invited to negotiate the policy with an opinion and wants more clarity for the most mobile business in the world.

To be properly equipped for the future, went Taxi Holl in accordance with industry leaders on a shopping spree. taximeter, Odometer and the corresponding receipt printer as submitted by the company hale electronic GmbH from the Austrian Salzburg. This system is via CAN bus with the radio data system of the company FMS / Austrosoft Weiss Ges.m.b.H from Vienna (Austria) connected. Just the company Austrosoft Weiss is already a leader in the cash register solution for taxi and car hire in Austria. As in the Alpine country since 1. January 2016 a cash registers compulsory for all cash transactions applies. There is no cash transaction must be made, without the customer has received a corresponding document from a cash register at the end.

The cost of the complete system will be ca. 3.500 € per vehicle. Where the vehicles from taxi Holl already completely with the modern technology of FMS / were equipped Austrosoft and ultimately only about. 500,- € per vehicle for forty new fiscal taximeter grade MCT-06 and odometer WSZ-06 were invested by Hale electronic.

The excuse with the higher initial cost keeps Dirk Holl therefore only Positioned in front. “There are also cheap Systems under 1.000 €”, so Dirk Holl, “on the other hand give colleagues for another vehicle accessory many times and did not see the cost savings in administration.”

Where earlier written shift report manually, were manually recorded and netted, is a start with the computer center of Metropolis GmbH networked printers, which automatically determines and prints the Barumsätze at end of shift. The Metropolis Service GmbH from Bavaria Aschaffenburg, betreibt unter anderem ein Taxi-Call-Center mit Software der Firma FMS / Austrosoft. This server system, the individual driving data from taxi Holl are automatically, unchangeable and completely recorded. “Although the connected entrepreneurs can retrieve their data at any time. But he has no way this Taxameterdaten delete or change.” so Benjamin Schmidt, Managing Director of Metropolis GmbH. “Diese unveränderbaren Ursprungsaufzeichnungen aus den Taxametern verbindet unser Programm mit den Auftragsdaten aus dem Vermittlungssystem. Alle Korrekturen, die der Unternehmer vornimmt, sind jederzeit nachvollziehbar. Thus, when we will invoice rides, Kreditkartenzahlungen oder Pauschalpreise immer korrekt berücksichtigt und entsprechend hinterlegt.” So Benjamin Schmidt weiter.

This was also the reason why, why taxi Holl had opted for this service provider. “No other vendor could Taxameterdaten with the order data correctly, bringing together quickly and easily, ohne dass eine Nacharbeit nötig war.” So Dirk Holl. “Especially for us in the country, with a high proportion of invoice trips but this was of great importance” so Holl weiter.

For taxi Holl characterized the Deliverables by the driver cash is determined automatically. This allowed the administration to be reorganized accordingly.

What this means exhaustive for passengers?

In taxi- and car hire companies such as taxi-Holl passengers can be sure, that the demanded fare will be actually logged and billed against the tax authorities and therefore available to the general public. When asked whether the other taxi- and rental car companies would not be the case, chuckled Dirk Holl. Probably therefore, since specialized in this sector Gutachterbüro Linne & Krause from Hamburg, repeatedly to the high number of “semiprofessional providers” points, whose reported sales figures are not economically comprehensible and some, by control- and social security fraud want to secure a competitive advantage. So is this last the taxi industry in the city of Stuttgart with nearly 50% advised semiprofessionell working Taxi Open to the headlines (Those:


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