First E-Taxi in Baden-Baden – Silent and emission-free through the spa town

Roxana Ioana Cruceru fährt Baden-Badens erstes Elektro-Taxi

Roxana Ioana Cruceru fährt Baden-Badens erstes Elektro-Taxi

Baden-Baden – Das Taxiunternehmen Holl hat das erste Elektro-Taxi in der Kurstadt Baden-Baden in Betrieb genommen. It is a vehicle from the company of the electric pioneer Elon Musk, a Tesla Model S 85.

Taxi Holl is therefore a big step into the future. The to 100% elektrisch angetriebene Fahrzeug verfügt über eine im Fahrzeugboden verbaute Batterie mit 85 KW/h (kilowatt hours) was einer Fahrtstrecke von ca. 400 Kilometern entspricht.

the vehicle is loaded on one of the 6 Charging stations of EnBW in Baden-Baden. Here these charging stations allow your 22 Kilowatts of power a charging rate of about 100 km / h.

Just this dense network of charging stations for was decisive, that taxi Holl had taken the electric taxi in Baden-Baden in use. Before the acquisition of almost 95.000,- € expensive vehicle were the layers of conventional diesel-fueled vehicles solved. This evaluation revealed, that 91,4% carried out layers under a total mileage of 350 km were located and thus for a Tesla with 85 were possible KW / h battery without recharging.

Due to the dense charging stations network of Tesla but also long-distance journeys no problems since. So the vehicle was already in Vienna, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Essen, and was due to the Tesla Supercharger (= Special charging stations the company Tesla) be between only loaded with very little loss of time.

Bei der Planung wurde die Firma Taxi-Holl durch das Fraunhofer Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation in Stuttgart beratend unterstützt. Zusätzlich förderte das Land Baden-Württemberg die Anschaffung des E-Taxis im Rahmen der Landesinitiative Elektromobilität II. Here, the additional costs of an electric drive over a conventional drive at maximum 15.000 funded Euro. The taxi companies undertake in return, use the vehicles for at least three years.

Taxi Holl uses the vehicle in multiple shifts, making it maximum 4,5 Hours at night is to become fully recharged. Dabei geht Taxi-Holl in diesen drei Jahren von einer Einsparung von ca. 50 Tonnen CO2 aus, compared to a conventional diesel-fueled taxi.

Of course, at taxi-Holl specifically ordered an electric taxi. Entweder telefonisch unter der Rufnummer 07221 / 55 5 55 oder per Taxi-Holl App einfach bei Bestelloptionen „Elektro-Taxi“ angeben.

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