Coming-Home-Shuttle für das Schnurren 2019 ist wieder bestellbar

Auch 2019 ist wieder für die Närrinnen und Narren, die das traditionelle Hördener Schnurren besuchen, a shuttle to the front door orderable.

Aschaffenburg technology service Metropolis Service relies entirely on digitization.

Das Aschaffenburger Dienstleistungsunternehmen, Metropolis Service GmbH, has been for 2016 took over the taxi shuttle in cooperation with taxi-Holl, this has extended to other travel destinations and introduced an online ordering system with payment through Paypal..

Gaggenau Hörden - The "lard punch Fasent" is a culturally and historically valuable heritage. Das vierwöchige „Schnurren“, which has the Flößerdorf Hörden known far beyond the region and endeared, in addition to the variety of other foolish events an integral part of the fifth season.

The "Purr finds at the three Thursdays and on" Dirty Thursday "instead of. On these evenings is the Metropolis Service GmbH in cooperation with taxi-Holl in Gaggenau a driving service under the name "Metropolis Coming Home Shuttle" offered, welcher die Närrinnen und Narren sicher nach Hause bringt.

As in the hydrolysis with the year Metropolis Service GmbH occurs again as a sponsor and assumes the difference between the fare revenue and the price of a taxi, which is set by the District Office Rastatt.

Neu ist auch, that no tickets are required and also on the telephone order has been omitted for reasons of cost.

From now on, customers can directly under order their taxi and pay via Paypal.

Primary was thinking of collecting reliable transport of young people, die nach der Veranstaltung sicher bis vor die Haustüre gebracht werden. Selbstverständlich steht dieser Shuttle-Service auch allen Erwachsenen zur Verfügung.

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