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Taxi Holl Call Center Dash BoardHow to order a taxi fastest?

The easiest way is probably by phone order. No matter when and where you are calling, The Switchboard of taxi Holl is staffed around the clock and it takes customer requests.

Here is taxi Holl one of the most modern telephone systems with the matching cab switching system of the company Austrosoft / FMS / Heedfeld the order is accepted one. This specially designed for large taxi companies phone system is software-based and fully implemented in the switching technology. This ensures, that the orders can be accepted and processed faster, which minimizes the waiting time for the customer clearly.

The taxi call center taxi Holl you the following numbers:

Baden-Baden.: (07221) 55 5 55
Gaggenau…….: (07225) 19 410
Gernsbach……: (07224) 19 410
Muggensturm : (07222) 8 25 83
Rastatt………….: (07222) 19 410


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