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The taxi office in your pocket

Be your own taxi dispatcher and order directly with the taxi-App Your taxi with just one click. Ihr iPhone, iPad or Android phone now with GPS and your location, you can immediately get a response where you will find the next available taxi Holl. You can order in Baden-Baden and the District of Rastatt online at any time a taxi cab or an appropriate reservation. Eg. pre-book for the early morning airport transfer.

40.000 Taxen in 60 Cities in 8 Countries can order with a push of a button.

And should you even be in another city in Germany or Europe, so you do not need to install another app. The also works in the cities

Aachen, Ahrensburg, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Aschaffenburg, Augsburg, Baden-Baden, Basel, Berlin, Bielefeld, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Duisburg, Food, Forbach, Frankfurt a.M., Gaggenau, Geneva, Gernsbach, Graz, Hamburg, Hanover, Iffezheim, Keel, Copenhagen, Lausanne, Leipzig, Linz, Loffenat, Ludwigsburg, Lyon, Munich, Muenster, Neumünster, Norderstedt, Nürmbrecht, Osnabrück, Pinneberg, Potsdam, Prague, Rastatt, Rheinmünster, Rotterdam, Salzburg, Schönefeld, Schwechat (Vienna International Airport), Stone walls, Stuttgart, Frond, Weisenbach, Vienna, Wuerzburg, Wuppertal, Zurich

And there should be at your location no modern GPS-based taxi company, Sun will give you the phone number of the local taxi cab company displayed. We move ....

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