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Taxi-All AutobookingSpecially for customers from the hotel- Gastronomy and has introduced the taxi-Holl car booking service to quickly and easily order a taxi to.

The Funktiosweise is very simple and consists only of a call to the server Autobooking of taxi-Holl. This assigns a call from a customer number and sends vollautomtisch a taxi to the stored master address with all the required information.

Advantages of car bookings

The taxi-Holl customer needs even while no special devices or attachments. He simply selects a predetermined telephone number and receive, without having to wait in the telephone loop must, automatically sent by the data radio system is a taxi. A recorded voice confirmed this order.

Phone Speed ​​Dial button

Taxi Holl recommends it, to store the assigned number for the car Booking directly into a telephone speed dial key. This saves the hassle of dialing the phone number assigned Autobooking.

Online Alternative for Car Booking

For customers who prefer to order a computer with Internet access or a smart phone a taxi, offers taxi Holl with the product eine comfortable an Alternative. With Preorders can be managed and it will display the directions of the taxi on a digital map, stating the travel time.

Registration for the car booking orders

If you wish to set up the car cheap option for your home, then use the following online form. The facility usually takes 1-2 Working days and there are (except for the phone call) no additional cost.

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