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Airport transfer (ride sharing)

The airport transfer, specially arranged for the reinsurance congress in Baden-Baden, will take you to the meeting point of your desired airport and bring you safely back to your departure airport at the end of the conference.

Your order is combined with other passengers, so that a low-cost collection can be carried out.

Airport shuttle ride Sharing | Airport shuttle - ride sharing

fare: 60,00 EUR
(including. 19,00 0% Tax. and no. extras)

Flughafen und Personen | Airport and number of people

Transfer Klasse Anreise |Transfer class arrival

Auftragsstornierung | Cancellation

Transfer Klasse Abreise |Transfer class departure

Name Fahrgast | Passenger name *:
Mobiltelefonnummer Fahrgast | Mobile phone number (passenger) *:

Anreise: Straße + Hausnummer (Fahrziel) | Arrival: Street + house number (destination) *:

Anreise: Ort (Fahrziel) | Arrival: City (destination) *:

Anreise: Hinweis für den Fahrer | Arrival: Note for the driver :

Abreise: Straße + Hausnummer (Fahrziel) | Departure: Street + house number (destination) *:

Abreise: Ort (Abholort) | Departure: City (pick up) *:

Abreise: Hinweis für den Fahrer | Departure: Note for the driver :

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