A taxi fare to - the line replacement services of taxi Holl

Taxi Holl is a partner of the Karlsruhe Transport Association and the municipal utilities in Baden-Baden, Rastatt and Gaggenau and RVS. The call-taxi lines and the call taxi by taxi Holl provides each customer with all the possibilities of a bus, enter at each stop on the schedule specified times. And possibly the whole of the ticket prices. Comfort plus a surcharge.

The call-in line taxi Murgtal

The Call-a-ride between Muggensturm and Rastatt

The Ruftaxi in Rastatt


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ALT – Call taxi-line

The call-in line taxi line taxi call Murgtal When the rides are conducted according to a fixed schedule – but only, although there is a need. Therefore, a prior telephone appointment with taxi-Holl necessary. The call must be at least 30 Minutes before the scheduled departure to take place or you can set up a standing order is also convenient. Got on board is to …

AST – Call-a-ride

The Call-a-ride between Muggensturm and Rastatt, the introduction of call-in taxis Muggensturm collection was an attempt, the range of public transport to complement. Was criticized on the part of older and disabled citizens Muggensturmer, that the walk to the station is too far and too difficult to. The purpose of the introduction of an AST traffic between Muggensturm and Rastatt in the first …

The Ruftaxi Rastatt

The Ruftaxi Rastatt served every bus stop in the city of Rastatt and the municipal districts Niederbühl, Förch, Otterndorf, Plittersdorft, Rauental and winter village. The Ruftaxi Rastatt must be at least 30 Be ordered by telephone minutes before departure. It brings the passengers exclusively at a bus stop and then sends it to the front door. The Ruftaxi Rastatt operates daily from 19:45 Clock …