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There are many possibilities of a hackney taxi Holl reach to be conveyed therein. The oldest is probably here to get straight to a taxi stand in a taxi.

Today most customers order your taxi by phone from Taxi Holl in the taxi office. But the new order options like the taxi app are on the rise and so is currently in Baden-Baden firmly constantly increasing order rates.

Popular in restaurants and hotels, the ordering by extension. Here the customer gets out of taxi Holl own number assigned. The number will be accepted automatically and provides a taxi. Multiple orders for the car, there is also Booker,

But the possibility for reservation via internet portal enjoys steady popularity.

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How to order a taxi fastest? The easiest way is probably by phone order. No matter when and where you are calling, The Switchboard of taxi Holl is staffed around the clock and it takes customer requests. Here is taxi Holl one of the most modern telephone systems with the matching cab switching system of the company Austrosoft / FMS / Heedfeld …

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SMS confirmation

Some even know the song taxi from the group DÖF 1983 with lyrics: “I stand in the cold and waiting for a taxi but it's not coming.” To avoid having to wait for a taxi, order best to Taxi-Holl your taxi with the cell phone. If you will like to forward your number to you automatically …

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Email order confirmation

Especially in the business world is essential the order confirmation via email. This contains key information about the job as an Internet link with the arrival of the tax can be followed live on the monitor. If the customer requests an order confirmation via email, it's just their email address when ordering and automatically receives the …

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Specially for customers from the hotel- Gastronomy and has introduced the taxi-Holl car booking service to quickly and easily order a taxi to. The Funktiosweise is very simple and consists only of a call to the server Autobooking of taxi-Holl. This assigns a call from a customer number and sends vollautomtisch a taxi to the stored master address …

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Online Portal

The online portal of taxi Holl offers them the opportunity, to calculate a taxi fare or a computer to manage your online pre-orders. The online portal, you will always have their view of your taxi orders and always see the current status of your order taxi. I want to be customer Welcome – Taxi-Bestellsuite – Apple Taxi-App – …

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The taxi office in your pocket Be your own taxi dispatcher and order directly with the taxi App from your taxi with just one click. Ihr iPhone, iPad or Android phone now with GPS and your location, you can immediately get a response where you will find the next available taxi Holl. So you can in Baden-Baden …

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Car Booker

For frequent buyer offers taxi Holl to the FMS car Booker. In the teaching of this software Austrosoft fully integrated booking terminal allows customers to easily taxi your fingertips. Subsequently, the approximate arrival time of the tax is reported and recalculated every minute. Until shortly before arrival, by request, a signal is heard. It can be customized features such as e.g.. Bar- or …

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