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SMS Taxi order confirmation

Some even know the song taxi from the group DÖF 1983 with lyrics: “I stand in the cold and waiting for a taxi, but it does not come.

To avoid having to wait for a taxi, order best to Taxi-Holl your taxi with the cell phone. If you will like your telephone number is sent to you an order confirmation via SMS.

In order to enter in the correct taxi, can you confirm the SMS taxi remove the license plate number, and the approximate time of arrival. So you do not need the roadside waiting for your taxi, but can make themselves comfortable on the road shortly before arrival.

For users of an Internet-enabled phone, there is still the possibility of the arrival of the tax live to trace on a map. Just click on the link contained… and you can see exactly what is just crossing the taxi.

Comfortable can not be more of a taxi!

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