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AST – Call-a-ride

The Call-a-ride between Muggensturm and Rastatt

The introduction of call-in taxis Muggensturm collection was an attempt, the range of public transport to complement. Was criticized on the part of older and disabled citizens Muggensturmer, that the walk to the station is too far and too difficult to.

The purpose of the introduction of traffic between AST and Rastatt Muggensturm primarily for these communities offer the service to Rastatt, e.g.. for market- and physician visits in Rastatt more attractive.

How does it work and what is AST AST?

AST mean call-a-ride Muggensturm. AST is a complementary, offer convenient transportation by appointment to the already existing offer of Deutsche Bahn AG on the rail route.

For the citizens of the possibility Monday Muggensturm, transported on Tuesdays and Thursdays from Muggensturm to Rastatt with the call-a-ride to be.

Prerequisite: Telephone AST registration

The trip is conducted only by telephone arrangement. An advance reservation may be made several days before the actual trip, no later than 30 Minutes before the journey. No appointment is no entitlement.

Call-a-ride – Fare

Basically for the ride with the call-a-ride the price of the CDV. Use of Call-a-ride ticket is available with all types of CDV.

Call-a-ride – Operating Hours

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Call-a-ride – Stops

Muggensturm - bus stop Sophienstr. / Vogesenstr.
Muggensturm - River House Margaret
Muggensturm - former. Street bus station Rastatt. 2
Muggensturm - bus stop Hauptstr. 103 (House Rittmann)
Rastatt - bus station
Rastatt - bus stop Schlossplatz
Rastatt - bus stop pavilion

Call-a-ride – Schedule

from Muggensturm: 8:30 Clock, 9:30 Clock, 10:30 Clock
an Rastatt: 8:45 Clock, 9:45 Clock, 10:45 Clock

from Rastatt: 11:00 Clock, 14:00 Clock, 16:30 Clock
an Muggensturm: 11:15 Clock, 14:15 Clock, 16:45 Clock


Taxi-Holl Muggensturm
Hauptstr. 65
76467 Muggensturm
Phone: (07222) 8 25 83
Fax: (07222) 78 83 91
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